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I can recieve a picture, but cannot hear sound on my leadtek 2000xp card. I have checked the connection. I also read on Leadteks site that if I had Norton Antivirus (which I do), that I should disable the MSN Messenger scanning, which I have also done. What could be the problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated...thanks a lot!
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  1. you sure the audio out from the tv card is connected to your
    sound card line-in right?
    and you sure the line-in under volum control is not muted?

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  2. Actually, no, I don't believe it is. Nope...its're right...its working!!! Thanks so much!
  3. Hey Mate
    Ihad a similar problem with my winfast leadtek 2000XP tv Card the sound was originally working when i installed the drivers but several months later the sound stopped working. i checked the cables and it was all plugged in. i then system restored to the day before and it then worked.
    hope i was a help.
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