extra leds on case

I've got a case with the usual power and hard drive leds, but it's also got 2 extras.

What can I use these extra leds for? I can't find any other things to plug them into, lol

It's all good ^_^
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  1. they're probably for mods, if they aren't wired. I know some of the Antec cases have em

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  2. Maybe a turbo LED and sleep mode LED.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  3. Is there any way to wire them into my network card, or show an individual hard drive's activity?

    btw, this is the first case I've ever had that has drive rails. Drives rails so..........handy

    It's all good ^_^
  4. you can if you want to start soldering the nic or the hard drive. the hard drive has a led on the bottom, you could just take the led off and solder the wires to it.

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  5. I'll let you know how it turns out, gimme a few days

    It's all good ^_^
  6. Depends on your HD... some have LED on the circuit board where you can connect the LED too.

    For a NIC it is pretty easy because they often have LEDs that are easy to access.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  7. I've got to find a use for both of the extras, because if I don't, I'll have a led or two that doesn't light up

    I can't have that now :P

    It's all good ^_^
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