Rebuild Windows 7 32-bit

we are running win 7 on computer now...have irreversible virus damage...would like to purchase disk for new win 7 32 bit install after doing complete reformat of hard drive..can you advise ?
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  1. Um.... What? how did you install windows 7 without the disk?

    No viruse "damage" is irreversable, but since you did not buy windows 7 in the first place go buy it...
  2. Wondering why 32 bit? If your computer is new within the last several years you may as well go 64.

    At any rate, you can get Win 7 OEM (will be tied forever to that PC/motherboard) for $100 at newegg.
  3. Assuming you recieved the computer with Win 7 installed but no disk,and have a COA sticker, you can download an ISO from here
    and burn it to a disk to re-install Windoows...
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