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I built my computer with the GigaByte 8KNXP which comes with AC '97. I downloaded all the drivers and all the other poo that I'm supposed to. But even with all this I still can't get the sound to work...AT ALL!! Now I'm pretty sure I hooked up all the hardware right and the same for the speakers. The AC '97 comes with this thing called SoundMan which basically lets you choose stuff like 2 Channel, 4 Channel, etc. But it also has this thing called Jack Sensing. What it does is it tests to see if you ahve the speakers hooked up right, along with your microphone and whatever else you have hooked up to the three Red, Blue and Green ports. Everytime I open SoundMan I have to run the Jack Sensing test, but then as soon as I close it, whatever that was found is cleared. So can anyone help me out? Its gotten to the point that I'm just thinking of buying a new sound card and just disabling the AC'97. PLEASE HELP!!
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  1. I have the same problem with the Epox board and Boston digital BA735 speakers looking for answers myself (seems to work with my harmon/kardon analog speakers )please post here if you find out the what the problem is and I will do the same. Thanks in advance:-)

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  2. I'm using those speakers too. They must be incompatible. Thank you so much. I'll take the speakers form my other computer and try them.
  3. Yup that was it, my Harmon/Kardon speakers work with it. Thanks for saying which speakers you were using.
  4. Now if we just find some way to make the Boston speakers work.So I can have my Sub Woofer. BTW: Thats quit a cawinkedink you & I have the same speakers & the same Problem on the same day.

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