Should I Buy This Notebook Tomorrow? Will It Support Vista?

Toshiba Notebook:
Toshiba Satellite A100 A100-JH2: T2300/100GB
It has this graphics accelerator:
Radeon Mobility X1400 M54P with 128MB DDR dedicated video memory
Well should I go for it? The price is $1799 Canadian Dollars.
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  1. That particular piece of kit comes with a firewall preinstalled. It is known to filter out boobies. Be very careful. :wink:
  2. Out of curiosity, why this particular one?

    And it could support Vista, but in. . . what is Microsoft calling it. . . legacy mode or something like that.

    I'm still not enitrely sold on CoreDuo. . . I'd be more prone to wait until the next generation.

    I like the ECS 600, but it is 'spensive (~$1000 U.S. for the chasis. I think DVD and wireless come with) ECS G420 is CoreDuo version. Your HP has slightly better graphics. . .

    All in all it seems to be the cusp of leading edge technolog without having to go Dell XMS / Alienware / Voodoo PC route.
  3. First Q. Do you need dual core? I did not see anything that it is widescreen. Whatever laptop you get buy widescreen I have it on my Compaq. I you looked at any of the Gateway's?
  4. Do you have a price range?
  5. yes - this notebook is able to run vista (for the gfx card check )
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