Many Choices NEED HELP

I want to replace my Powerbook G4, but looking at Macbook Pro prices I noticed that my wallet doesn't liveup to Steve's expectations...
So I looked for other options and these are it:

Asus W3J
Specs: 14.1" WXGA (ColorShine), 256mb ATI x1600 (512 HM), 1.83ghz Core Duo, 1024mb DDR2 533(dual channel), 100gb 5400rpm, DVD+/-RW DL (removable),Wifi/56k/GBLAN/Bluetooth, XP Home, 4-5 Hour Battery

Asus A6Ja
Specs: 15.4" WXGA, 256mb ATI x1600(w/o HM), 1.67ghz Core Duo, 1024mb DDR2 533 (dual Channel), 100gb 5400rpm, Wifi/56k/100Mbit LAN 1.3 MP webcam, XP Home 3-3.5 Hour Battery

Specs: 13.3" WXGA (X-Black), 128mb nVidia GFGo 7400(256SM) + GMA950, 1.67ghz Core Duo, 512mb DDR2 533 (dual Channel), 80gb 4200rpm, Wifi/56k/GBLAN/ , XP Home, 4.5-5 Hour Battery

Sony VGN FE11S
Specs: 15.4" WXGA, 128mb nVidia GFGo 7400(256SM), 1.83ghz Core Duo, 1024mb DDR2 533 (dual Channel), 160gb 4200rpm, Wifi/56k/100Mbit LAN XP Home 3-3.5 Hour Battery

My first choice was the W3j, but I wanted to hear some thoughts...
Also, I don't want any Turion and really don't care for 64bit. It must run Vista and that's 'bout it.

Thanx, abs512
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  1. You no like the Turions? Do you need Dual-core? As for Vista you should buy 64 bit. IMO
  2. I don't have anything against AMD, my current Desktop is a SN25P (nf4 ultra) w/Athlon 64 X2 4200+, which I use for playing a game or two, but since i do a lot of Photoshop, Protools, etc I'd like a Core Duo. And although I reckon that AMD makes good processors, I want the "Centrino Insurance".
    64 is nos so much of an issue since I don't need my lappy to have more than a gig of ram...

  3. how about lenovos (IBM Thinkpad) (T series or similar). They have a good quality (drop them and nothing happens).
  4. Then the Dual-Core will be the way to go. What size are you looking at? 15.4 or 17? There are 19"" if you want bigger.
  5. I prefer portability over screensize and batterylive is also important, so i'd say 15.4 would be good, but i'm tempted to get a 14.1 (the Asus w3j) 'cause of the 4.5 hours batterylife...
  6. If you have a powerbook and want a MacBook you have some MAC software, and are familiar with OS X. Why not get, and build your own OS X notebook? ... search the internet for Maxxus (God of All Crackers) and OS X

    I would build it on the Turion platform incase you want to go 64 bit in the future. You may not think you want it now but in a year and a half you will probably be thinking something different since you are already on the Windows fence.
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