My CD/Rom won't boot the Windows 7 Pro install disc!

Heyas! I just got a new battery for my computer, because the old one died. When the old one died, it messed up the files on the hard drive. I used a windows xp pro installation disc to wipe the hard drive (or delete the partition), then set it as slave with another hard drive as master.

Both hard drives are were wiped clean, nothing on them, and now the computer is actually running pretty fast. So, I tried to run the Windows 7 installation cd to install Windows 7 (Nyaha! Redundency!) to the new primary drive.

Here's the problem. It won't boot the disc. I went to the BIOS and set it to boot the CD/ROM first, second, and last. It still won't boot the Windows 7 CD. Now, I have 3 CDs for Windows 7, my family has three different computers. I tried the 64 bit one, and the two 32 bit one's, but it will. Not. Work. It just does not boot any of them. It says...

"Boot Failure from Previous Device...

Boot Failure
Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device
Press any key when ready"

Now, I've done all I can, and it won't work. BUT, when I put in ANY other CDs (like the Windows Xp Pro CD) it works fine. It just seems to not like the Windows 7 Pro CDs....

Anyway, I tried using the Windows Xp Pro CD on to put a partition in both the Hard Drives, but still no results. Just the same message over and over. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Some other guy who had a problem that I THINK was similar to mine just got a different cp screen or something and it fixed his problem. O.o well, what? I just don't understand that....

Anyway, the CD's are fine, they work on the other computers, all my stuff is fine (The hard drives work, the CD/Rom works ect.) It just refuses to boot the Windows 7 Pro 32bit Install disc....
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  1. Fastest thing to do is connect the cdrom from another computer to the one that doesn't boot. After you are done installing the OS trade the cdrom again.

    Go to mfg website and download any firmware updates for the motherboard and cdrom. Also there is many ways to install windows 7. Cdrom, network install, usb, restoring imaged system to that one. Go to microsoft and download the DVD to usb utility for win7. Try to boot from usb drive..
  2. If its a CD ROM it won't be able to read a DVD...
  3. Hey guys! Thanks for the replies! I tried installing Windows XP on another hard drive and booting Windows 7 from there, and it worked. It took me forever to finally get Windows XP installed (the cp kept blue screening...) but it was worth it :P After I got Windows 7 installed I found out I misspelled my password, so I had to re-install it... again... fail xD Then I had to re-install it 2 more times because I messed it up again. But! It's working now :D

    dodger46, it read the cd for Windows 7 once I ran it on Windows XP, so I dunno. :/ It just wouldn't boot from the startup.
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