Toshiba Satellite M 70- No USB Booting support?

I have Toshiba Satellite M 70 Model 129.
I want to know can I boot from USB on this laptop. I saw boot options in bios and these are,


Grossly it shows no options for USB boot. That’s pretty bad.I wonder why there is option to boot from floppy( FDD) while it has no floppy drive even. The model is relatively new and it,s really bad if there is no option for USB boot.
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  1. old post but, windows doesnt support booting from usb.

    you could possibly boot with a linux OS on a usb flash/hard drive etc.
  2. BIOS doesnt know USB as boot device :( as you show listed devices.
    I have model m70-340 and have the same problem. And no new BIOS update solve it. Sh*t :fou:
    I wanted to boot linux-ubuntu from usb.
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