Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS vs. Windows XP pro

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS vs. Windows XP pro. Would the Tablet XP help laptop perform better. This is a stream lined XP that may add some perks. Please let me know if anyone has test this. I think once you turn of the touch screen stuff you would have a smaller build and faster OS.

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  1. only use the Tablet pc version if you have a tablet pc. Otherwise use pro, which is actually the slimmer version. And it is cheaper (at least in CH)
  2. So what about the origami which is an ultra-light and runs Win XP Tablet. Is this 2005 version trimmed down?
  3. dunno, i guess it should be (everything is limited there). But the origamis are (at least now) completely useless.
    They are slow, dont have a keyboard that can be used to tipe anything longer than e-mail (the handwiting recognition is still not developped far enough
    (I was once lended out a tablet pc from my friend and it couldnt read my writing (it is pretty crappy - take a guss why i type everything out) , so it was faster to tab the virrtual letters with the pen)),
    have crappy battery time (even the laptops wizh P4m seem to outrun it), have tiny screens, ... (you get my point) (note - i'm just relaying information on the origamis - i never even touched one)

    So: stay away from origamis, only use Tablet pc version if you have a tablet pc - and can get along with it

    Therefore use XP pro or if you are looking for a slight performance increase (especially for low end/battery conserving laptop (sell than 0.5 GB ram, slow HD & processor)) win 98 Se (never had ME - can say anything about it) (and if you can find all the drivers/progams you need/wamt)
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