Need help hooking up TV to my TV-out card

Ok, I've got an asus V9280/TD (gf4 ti4200-8x) and would like to hook up my tv to the s-video out jack on my vid card, to be able to use the TV as a second display and also watch movies on. Ok, here's the problem... My TV is pretty old and cheap.. its a Memorex, and its only plug/jack on the back is the connector for cable tv. Is there some kind of adapter or something I can buy to be able to plug the S-video connector into it? Both ends of the cable aren't S-video connectors.. just the end that plugs into the video card. The other end looks like one of the audio/video cables you plug into the VCR, not sure what these connectors are called.
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  1. I am not sure of a manufacturer (although I assume its RCA) that makes an RF signal converter for plder TVs that only have a coax antenna input. The ones I have seen take in RCA jacks and convert to coax cable. I am not sure if they have them with S-Video. I know you can purchase them at Best Buy ( but you might also be able to try Radio Shack.

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  2. Radio Shack has them. They're called RF Modulators. They'll take input from Composite/S-Video and output to standard coaxial.
  3. LMAO! You OWN a VCR and don't know what to do? You connect your Video Out from the PC to the VCR, set the TV to channel 3 (or what you have the VCR output set to), and VIOLA! As for the Audio, you get a Stereo Minijack to Stereo RCA cable and connect it from your speaker jack to the VCR audio input! Don't have a stereo VCR, just plug in one side!

    Oh, as for the S-Video thing, your card was supposed to come with a 3" long cable with an S-Video jack on one and and an RCA jack on the other. You plug that into your S-Video output, and run an RCA cable to the VCR. The thing is called a "dongle" properly. Your S-Video jack probably has 6-pins instead of 4, the spare 2 are the ones that run through the dongle to the RCA output.

    Sometimes these dongles are called adapters, but not to be confused with true converters, which screw up your I said, the cable should have came with your card. It probably has one yellow end one it and one black end. If you can't find it, order a new one from your supplier. If he can't find it, ask Asus for a distributor contact.

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