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i am slowly building a computer for the kids gaming. the next component will be the case and the power supply. ( i thought they came together,but...) i see that the power supply will be very important.

here is the system so far:

P4 2.8, 800FSB
2x 512 Kingston Memory (see another post)
Video Card: Radeon 9700 or 9600pro (another post :)

ok, so i am looking at an over 400Watt power supply, right?
i take it there is a difference in brands.
do i need to decide on the case first?

what do you all recommend? (and if you can, please state the model number, or the info i need to find it, please)


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  1. I'm running my P4 2.8 with an Antec 430W True Power PSU in an Antec 1080AMG case. The case is probably a bit large for most, but Antec has a bunch of options.

    <A HREF="http://www.antec-inc.com" target="_new">http://www.antec-inc.com</A>

    If you're interested in doing the research, check out the review on the main page.
  2. I'd like to second the Antec recommendation. More specifically Antec's TruePower series of power supplies. The True430 (430W) is one excellent power supply.

    PS - Also, Enermax is an excellemt manufacturer of power supplies.
  3. Read Tom's latest review, the Fortron power supplies (FSP group) are the best in the field, with 10% higher output per rating and 10% greater efficiency than Antecs. The "400W" unit they tested cost $60 at Newegg, which is reasonable.

    But if you want a REALLY GREAT DEAL, Newegg sells a 350W version for $32 that puts out over 400W!

    No, you don't need to decide on a case first, any full ATX case will support a full ATX power supply. I believe Newegg caries an Inwin midtower that looks good (black) and has a 305W Power Man supply, which is a Fortron brand.

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  4. hi,
    finding a power supply will be easy i see. but finding a case that meets our wants/needs maybe not.
    i have been to newegg and to xpcgear.com. (and others)
    here is what we want:

    case color: all blue

    would like (in order of want):
    side clear window
    USB 2.0 ports
    a thermometer ?? (i think this is important as i dont know how to tell if the system is getting hot?)

    we will then put in an Antec SmartBlue Power supply (the 340 is on sale, but we probably need over 400w one??)
    and add a cathode light (blue- of course :)

    i havent found one that has everything we want. i find mainly cases with power supplys in them already and not the good brands. so i have to buy 2 power supplies.
    i have been trying to stay with antic or chieftec cases, as that is what i have read are good ones.

    so i buy 2 power supplies or do with one that comes with it, or give up what??

    almost all of the cases will say ATX Case, but i dont see the "full" ATX. does that matter. i see mini, and standard alot.



    hopefully this is the last decision!! :)
  5. You don't "need" a temperature display as software for your motherboard should give you one on your screen. You can get Chieftec cases without power supplies in blue, and get Fortron power supplies for a reasonable price. Thermaltake sells a device that fits in your bay and displays temperatures, or you can buy the Thermaltake Xaser II in Blue with the device already installed. Thermaltake and Antec both use Chieftec cases.

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  6. Oh, and what I meant by "full" is "standard" ATX. All ATX cases with seven expansion slots for cards are the full "standard" size.

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  7. Take a look at this case <A HREF="http://www.xpcases.com/shop/viewpic.asp?photo=1&sku=167&SelectedPix=1" target="_new">X-Dreamer</A> & <A HREF="http://www.overclockercafe.com/Reviews/cases/X-Dreamer/index.htm" target="_new">Review</A>. This is one I've been considering for my next PC.
  8. hi
    thanks for clarifying the "full" ATX. also, the x-dreamer was one we were looking at. also, found chieftec one. and thanks for the info on the motherboard software showing the temp. we liked the x-dreamer, but it came with a power supply that wasn't one of the ones i read about, that i should get. saw the thermaltake one also.

    i will talk to the kids today and see what they say. but i think the system is done and my memory is in stock, so it looks like i will be ordering it soon.

    thanks for all of the help. especially, crash...
  9. hi
    Crashman, you said "You don't "need" a temperature display as software for your motherboard should give you one on your screen."

    ok, can this be found on any motherboard? is in the BIOS??

    if so, i want to see what this computer is running at?

  10. hi
    at newegg, when i put in what we want for a case, i come up with a couple we like. one is out of stock, and the other says OEM. ok, i have an idea of what that stands for, but someone tell me.
  11. OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer

    Think of OEM as "not retail"

    Buying an OEM product usually means you don't get the "extras" that get packaged in with retail products (i.e. manuals, stickers, bundled software, fancy packaging, etc.). And OEM product is every bit as good as a non-OEM version of the same product because it is the same product...just without the "extras".
  12. hi
    thanks! i kinda figured it was for people who know what they were doing!! :) but how do you know whats in a retail package? we are trying to decide on a case. at newegg they have the chieftec (BLUE CHIEFTEC Server Chasis Workstation Tower), its an OEM. it comes with 2 fans and the usb 2.0 and no power supply. great!! but what doesnt it come with that the retail would? i cant find this case in a retail package. i dont have enough knowledge to know what else i would need.
    they are all out, but they seem to re-stock quickly?

  13. Yes, your Asus motherboard displays temperatures both in BIOS and using a Windows utility named Asus Probe.

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  14. It's probably the power supply. If it was retail it would include the PSU, but since it is OEM, they sell it without the PSU (which is actually what you want anyways). Don't worry, it's not gonna be missing any of the necessary hardware or anything. I bought my case from newegg as well and if I remember it was considered OEM also and it came with all of the bits & pieces (i.e. screws, mobo standoffs, etc) that I needed.
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