Slow network with windows 7 machine.

I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate a few weeks ago (clean install) and since then when I go to access files on my file server (running vista home premium) it takes forever to pull up thumbnails of photos I have stored or any other data for that on the drive. I never had this problem when my comp was running vista home premium as opposed to windows 7 I flashed the BIOS on my mobo to the latest version and I have all windows updates. Any ideas what I can do to speed things up when accessing this drive?
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  1. Hi JCB72,

    I've got the same setup, but it seems to work fine on mine.

    Have you set up shares on the server to include the re-installed machines username?

    Are you using a homegroup or a workgroup? If workgroup, Is your PC in the same workgroup?

    How are the machines conencted? Crossover? Ethernet via switch/router? Wireless?

    Do you have IP filtering? What network setup do you have on the 7 and Vista machines?

  2. Give this command a shot. Run as admin

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

    to turn back on

    netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

    you have to restart for settings to take affect

    It helped me go from 1MB/sec to 110MB/sec. Iperf network benchmark went from 9mbits to 941mbits

    results may very.
  3. Tatt, I have all of my network settings configured the same as before along with the correct username and password. I can access all of my mapped drives on my server (vista machine), through the windows 7 machine but I am getting lag when viewing files on the drive. If you look at the network utilization in the task manager it will go from 0% to around 25% to 0% to 25%, etc..... It constantly spikes then drop to 0, back and forth back and forth.

    As for the answers to your questions:
    1. Yes, shares on the server include the correct username/passwords
    2. Workgroup in the same workgroup
    3. Both machines have dual nics. Cat6 patch cable running from each comp to a router and a Cat6 crossover running between the 2 comps on the other nic.
    4. I have no IP filtering set-up....that I know of.
    5. On the the nics running to the router I have them set-up as DHCP. On the nics with a crossover cable running between the 2 I have them set-up as static. One (windows 7 machine) with with for subnet mask with default gateway, preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server left blank. Same settings for NIC 2 on the vista machine except for IP address of

    Any thoughts?
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