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I finally subscribed to Netflix. I can't play any available videos on my computer until I install the latest version of "Silverlight". I downloaded the latest version but during install, it can not find a required file. After I found out that "Silverlight" is Microsoft, I went to "Microsoft Download Center" and did a search and encountered "not found". WHAT !!?? :o

The file is called "silverlight.msi". I'm assuming that this file is somewhere on my computer . . . but where ?? The Install is looking for it as "c:\32c063f145a584bf417422\". When I click on "OK", another dialog box appears and tells me that I need to locate "silverlight.msi". I searched my C: drive . . . nothing showed up. :cry: :fou: The same problem happens when I try to UNINSTALL the older Silverlight version. I can't uninstall the old version either.

No Silverlight . . . No Netflix . . . :cry:

Anyone know where I can get the required file ?? AND . . . IF I do find it . . . where I can stick it ? LOL (the folder to put it in?)

Win 7 is such a pain in the $%^&!@ #$& !!!!!!!!!

Help please . . .

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  1. i'm running into the same issue, if i figure it out i'll let you know
  2. Could have spyware or virus. Install Anti-Malwarebytes, then run a full system scan. Tell me what comes up.
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