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Hey I just tried building my first PC and I got it running but I think I messed up installing windows. When it tried to load/install desktop and the screen just went to the windows logo with no message to say anything was happening I reset the computer. This was because I thought it had frozen at this screen or something but I have since read you should give it like 10-15 minutes at this point to install?

So now if I load it up when it gets to that same point of loading windows it just goes to a black screen. I can still use Ctrl Alt Delete but nothing else really. So I think I may have corrupted the installation.

I am happy to start again but how do I wipe what I have of windows so far off my Hard Drive when I don't have an OS installed?
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  1. In order to reinstall windows first off you need to change the boot order on your PC. Go into the BIOs and find the Boot priority order. CHange it to CD/DVD drive first. Now save that option and restart the machine...remember to put the install disc in the drive before reboot. Now when the machine restarts the PC will read the disc and bring up the Windows 7 install menu. You'll have a few options such as repair or a clean install option i believe. Select the clean install one and delete the existing install of Windows 7. Now create a new partition by selecting the new option and select how much HDD space you require...normally you max it out..once done in the lower right hand side of the screen theres like a next option or something. Click that and it should install windows 7. takes around 30 minutes to install. Once thats done it'll reboot your machine...however before it loads windows for the 1st time you need to change the boot priority order back....So go back into the BIOS and replace the CD with your harddrive. Save it and reboot. Windows will load up and taaadaaaaa.
  2. Put in the windows install disk and once you get to the disk/partition selection, select the disk you want to install on and format it. Once the format is done it will begin installing and you wont have any more problems.
    If you have a second disk on the machine then I would suggest disconnecting it untill the install completes. There is a possibility that (when there are two drives present) windows installs the OS on one but the mbr or the system partition on the other.
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