power supply?

hey i am building a new pc and need some advice how how much power i need, i am getting a case that comes with 350watt power supply. would the 350 be ok or do i need more for this set up?
p4 2.8ghz 800fsb
1 gig ddr400 ram
msi 865PE Neo2-S mother board
radeon 9800 pro
80 gig Hd 7200 rpm
dvd player
cd burner
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  1. I'm also builing a very similar system (2.4c overclocking it to 3gig) the case is the Antec LANBOY case, and comes with the Smartblue 350 watt power supply. if someone could please help us (: BTW, I really want the case, but don't really care for the power supply that it comes with, i'd rather not risk it and get a 480 watt or so... anyone know of a place where you can get lanboy minus the powersupply, or a comperable case
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