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THG had a power consumption list in their last PSU lineup:
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I am curious how many watts would be used in practice, since you won't be using every device at the same time.

I have a Fortron 300W PSU and wonder if I would even be able to get a P4C overclocked to 3.0+ with a RAID array with a 300W PSU.

I would like to keep it quiet, but still have decent airflow. I'm looking at putting everything in a Lian Li 6070 (their new quiet case). My current PSU has a 120mm fan and puts out decent airflow while being is fairly quiet.
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  1. well all i can say is try - if you can, then you're lucky, though i probably wouldn't try that without anything under a 450W... basically you'll need it to supply enough current for your peaks, i mean its obvious you won't be using 450W (or whatever) all the time... but during boot sequence, or even just some good 'ol fashioned multi-tasking your power consumption can shoot up like a bat outa hell with a rocket shuved up its butt [tounge]

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  2. I went to Seagate's and Maxtor's websites and it looks like both SATA drives only use 12W, unlike the table that shows about 29W per HDD.

    I guess I'll try it and see if I get any reboots.
  3. Also, most drives have a label on them somewhere that will tell you how much power that specific drive uses. It would be more accurate to use these specs instead of "generalized" list of values. Of course if you are asking because you don't actually have the drives yet, well then you can ignore just me :smile: .
  4. To figure out how much juice you need, you first need to inventory your system.

    What devices do you have???...

    PCI cards

    How many Amps do they draw off of each voltage line? (+3.3V, +5V, +12V)

    Once you know that... then you can determine if the PSU that you have is ample for the task at hand.

    Guessing does not work... thay put the electrical specifications on the devices for a reason.

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