How to open 40 tabs at once?

How do they do it in Tomshardware's Web Browser Grand Prix? There is a test where they open 40 tabs in order to test memory efficiency.
Do they open tabs one by one or they have batch or script file.

I just want test it because most of the time, I only open 10 to 15 tabs when browsing the internet. But in reality, do people really have 50 to 100 tabs open all at the same time, I mean what are they doing on their browsers?
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  1. how about setting 40 homepages
  2. Or setting up the option to "restore all tabs upon next launch" option the browsers have.
  3. for experiment:
    you can try using 'url lister' addon. paste 40 urls on the text area and click OK.
    you can also try open many tabs from mozilla's rss feed if you have it enabled. scroll to the bottom of the folder and select 'open all in tabs'.
    if you open too many tabs at once, you will receive a warning.
    ram usage will also just significantly with many open tabs.
    edit: sorry, i wasn't clear before, this works in mozilla ff. i don't know about other browsers.
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