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some days ago my laptop stopped working, because the HDD has physical damage, and i have to change it for a new one, but i was wondering how i can do to recover my win 7 license?,
there must be some way to recover the license that rightfully belongs to me,

at the moment is impossible to access the disk info, because of the damage damaged, the laptop does not bring any installation disk, because the system recovery was in the partition on the same disk.

any recommendation?

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  1. have you check on the bottom of your laptop? There should be a sticker with the Key
  2. Unless you have a sticker on the laptop, you are unfortunately SOL.
  3. in the bottom of the laptop are a sticker,is that the key?? because it doens t works,
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    On the sticker you should see several groupings of letters+numbers; this is your license key.
    Once you have replaced your hard drive, use this license key, along with the proper instillation disk, to reinstall Windows 7.
    If your hard drive is currently dead, there is really not much you can do until it is replaced.
  5. thank you all for the responses, I will try to revive my laptop and recover my license
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  7. Hi imperial7

    you did not say what brand of laptop you have.
    was your Windows 7 a retail or OEM (Microsoft) or OEM (by manufacturer) ?

    In the last case which applies to most major brands the serial number (bar code) on the sticker indicates the version and manufacturer but is not used to license Windows as the Windows will know what motherboard it is designed to run on and will object if the motherboard is changed (or put on a different model) (checked every startup)

    With Windows XP a Dell XP recovery CD would run on most standard desktops & laptops made by Dell
    With Windows Vista & 7 things have tightened up to only run on a limited range of models.

    Most major manufacturers will sell you a set of Windows 7 recovery DVD's for a reasonable price

    Occasionally the old disk can be put into a USB tray or another PC and some files recovered.

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
  8. it a lenovo ideapad y570

    i was thinking about the recovery dvd s, but i dont know if lenovo offers that service

    they have a really bad website
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