AMD RADEON HD 545v drivers

I currently have catalyst version 09.7 so i figured it was about time to update to the latest catalyst driver.
However when trying to install the ati mobility HD 5*** drivers it gives me a pop up message saying something about incompatible software/hardware. After downloading the autodetect driver tool it told me to install radeon HD 4**** drivers. Should i go with this or manually install the 5 series drivers?
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  1. If your 100% that is a HD5xxx series card download the W7 drivers and install after removing the old drivers manually.

    They did upgrad ethe CCC software and could cause issues on upgrades.
  2. the best drivers to use for a laptop are the once that come from the manufacturer
  3. Hi :)

    As above ^^^^ laptops will almost always ONLY run manufacturers drivers, NOT FROM ati SITE...

    All the best Brett :)
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