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So i'm in a unique sort of situation. I have a very good new computer w/ ivy bridge i5, ddr3 ram, an ssd and pretty good video card. When it comes to getting an OS however, I can get a windows 7 UPGRADE for very cheap (around 20 dollars because i'm a college student). But because it's a new computer, i'd have to load XP first. Will loading XP on a empty SSD and then Windows 7 upgrade on top of that have a negative effect on a high performance build like mine? or can I do it and save potentially a lot of money?
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    Hi :)

    You WILL have problems loading ANY version of XP onto an ssd...

    Just buy the proper 7 home premium retail with your student discount...

    All the best Brett :)
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  3. okay then. well there's no discount for a full version of 7 at my school, so i guess i'll be forking over my money to amazon or newegg
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