Desktop Replacement issue

I am looking to buy a desktop replacement and visited many sites (Alienware,ABS,Hypersonic etc..) and was wondering if any of you guys has any experience with a 'custom made' desktop replacement and what are your comments about it!

Also what setup should i go for? (AMD X2-FX,INTEL D,Centrino od Turion)
The notebook will be used mostly for gaming and a bit for desktop work

Pls help me out!
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  1. Do you have a price range to work with?
  2. Not any specific to tell you the truth!
    Thats why i need opinions to see what can i get and at what price!
  3. Going with AMD buy Turion. The others are way to hot for a laptop. You want 17' or 19""?
  4. I prefer 17'! 19' is way to big
    But i won't say no to a 15'.4' if it's very good
  5. We have a 15.4" line with x1600 256 MB video
    19" line with dual 7800 GTX's
    and will soon have a 17" line with 7900 GTX (exactly like the Alienware m9700)
  6. makes some really nice laptops for really good prices, may wanna take a look at them.
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