turion 64 or core duo?

Ok, so here's my problem. I'm looking for a "budget" laptop (like everyone), for when I'm without my desktop. I don't need or want a desktop replacement monster, just something that will run smoothly. I will be using it for:

-basic usage - internet, word, powerpoint, etc
-I am a programmer, so Visual Studio, etc.
-Mild gaming. I do most of my gaming on my desktop, so I'll probably just want to play the occassional warcraft, counter-strike, whatever.

Obviously, nothing to intensive, but something that will last longer than my toshiba celeron POS. I also dont want intel/sis onboard graphics...thats where i draw the line :)

My goal was to spend ~$1000, so I've found a few laptops that look good:

compaq v2000z (or hp equivalent): ~$900
amd turion 64 ml-37
1gb ram
128mb radeon xpress200
14' wxga
the rest is fluff (for me)

acer AS5672WLMi~$1050
intel core duo (1.66ghz)
1gb ram
128 ati x1400
15' wxga

so, i've been hearing the turion beats the duo in gaming, but the x1400 would probably beat the xpress200 (speaking of which, has anyone sen any benchmarks for the 200?). Then, i've heard the duo rocks for everything beside games. Factor in that 64-bits is (arguably) better for the future, and i dunno what to do.

any ideas, comments, opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have a Compaq with the X200. It is an intergrated vid card. It does play BF2. I went with Compaq V2000. Because I did not want tp spend alot for a laptop.The V2000 will do what you need it to do.
  2. I just configured a dell 1505:

    core duo 1.66ghz
    1gb ram
    60gb 5400rpm sata hd

    and the kicker....a 256mb x1400

    for < $1000
    that changes things a bit, wouldn't yall say? is it me, or is that a pretty sweet deal?
  3. Get the Turion. Tom called me up and said Intel has tapped out and asked me not to beat them down again since I have numerous posts on the subject... .

    Here's the spec's on the x1400...
  4. KillerNotebook is right. The X1400 isn't that powerful of a GPU. True, it has a 256 MB memory, but since the card itself isn't all that fast, it is unable to utilize all the memory efficiently. A X1600 running with 128 MB will outperform the X1400 running at 256 MB. Surprising, heh?
    Below is a thread that explains the different levels of GPU's there are. It is slightly outdated, but the info we're talking about here can still be found to be relevant in the thread. Note that the x1400 is ranked as a mid-range GPU only.
  5. hey I got the same prob. I found ouy yjat AMD sucks more battery than Centrino.

    I am still finding advices core-duo or turion ml series of HP
  6. Well the Turion ML series uses 35 watts of juice while the MT series uses 25 Watts. We only use the MT's unless a client requests differently. I find it hard to believe people are still even considering a 32 bit core due when 64 bit is so close but, "You can lead a horse to water..."
  7. Quote:
    Well the Turion ML series uses 35 watts of juice while the MT series uses 25 Watts. We only use the MT's unless a client requests differently. I find it hard to believe people are still even considering a 32 bit core due when 64 bit is so close but, "You can lead a horse to water..."

    need a simple answer guys. GO FOR TURION OR INTEL'S CORE-DUO?

    HP or DELL???
  8. OK, here's the simple answer. Buy the Turion.

    That take DELL out of the picture.

    Like I said earlier, HP is notorious for putting lower end components in their systems. The fastest processor in the world isn't going to help slow RAM, a 4,200 rpm hard drive and integrated graphics. It's like taking the heart of a Lion and putting it in the body of an 18 year old overweight half deaf and blind house cat.
    I am going to re-post what I said in a different thread for the people that come here for the AMD vs. Intel subject. The processor is one component in the system. The components together with the CPU have a synergistic effect on your computers performance.
    The 7,200 rpm hard drive is a big factor in the overall speed of your system. This can not be understated. Next would be the RAM, and we use the fastest CAS 2.0 RAM. CAS latency is a big factor in the speed of the RAM, but many people ask me, "2.5, 2.0 what really is the difference in that 0.5?"

    Well, that's a good question, and for an in depth answer you can consult my Notebook Memory page. For the simplified answer here on the forum; "0.5" doesn't sound like much for CAS latency, but you have to take it in context to the base rating of 2 & 2.5. "0.5" of the aggressive 2.5 is 20%. Moving from CAS 2.5 to CAS 2.0 will gain you about 4-6% in overall system performance.

    The second thing is that there is more to memory speed than CAS latency. These are classified as the "timings" of the RAM module. The full timings of the Ultra Low Latency RAM I use are 2-2-2-5. Most of the "agressive" CAS 2.5 modules my high end competitors are using have timings of 2.5-4-4-8. That's a big difference. Let's look at it in terms of percentages once: 20%-50%-50%-38.5% improvements over my high end competitors. The others are using CAS 3.0 modules!

    Then you have to take into account that I use 1 Gig modules instead of (2) 512 modules to get my base 1 Gig of system memory. "What does that mean?" It means there is 2 memory slots in a notebook. Killer Notebooks makes sure you have room for expansion later.

    It costs me more, but if you think about it, if you as the consumer wants 2 gigs in the future, with me, you add another GIG. Costs you the price of 1 Gig of memory. You go with anyone else and you have to throw out your (2) 512 chips and buy (2) Gigs of memory which costs you twice as much!

    Now, do you think Michael DELL would lose one of his villia's in the South of France if he didn't save the pittance of money it would cost him to put a 1 Gig chip in his notebooks instead of (2) 512's?

    I mean, think about it. He buys zillions of memory chips every month. He can pretty much name the price he is going to pay for it, just like WalMart does on their products and the memory manufacturer would say, "Yes Massa". You don't just LOSE DELL's account as a selling agent and NOT have the CEO of your company at your door with a pitchfork and a ballance sheet statement wanting to know exactly why you killed the goose.

    So, if it isn't about the component supplier it must be about DELL, HP/Compaq/Gateway etc. They don't give a rat's behind about the end user. They don't care if you can upgrade in the future or if you get the best value, they don't care they sell 32 bit computers they KNOW are obsolete... it's all part of the plan man. You're some blue line on a graph of people who purchased 32 bit computers that are going to need to upgrade within 2 years. Then you become a red line in another graph with the title, "Future Sales Projections."

    They care about inticing you with a low price, ripping you off on upgrades, getting paid for pre-loading your computer with "time limited" software, AOL offers, 15 day McAffee anti-virus program and tons of other junk you don't need and getting your money, slapping your butt on the way out the door and saying "Go get 'em tiger".

    Don't be a pawn, Killer Notebooks is for the select few... be one of 'em!

    You know why I have the best support and customer satisfaction out of all the system builders? Because I HAVE to. Period. You don't have Mike Dell's cell phone number. You don't have the email address of the CEO of HP so they could care less.

  9. HP laptop with a turion X2. They should start shipping at the end of the month.
  10. HP/Comaq, DELL, Alienware, KillerNotebooks. None of us make the notebooks ourselves, we get them from ODM's.

    When HP has a dual core X2 available, so will everyone else. It again comes down to who you want to build your computer.
  11. And how much you want to pay them to build said computer.
  12. Here is a post I had in another thread addressing just that topic.

    Its (HP DZ8000z) definately worth a look for a desktop replacement.

    Take into account the base hard drive is 4,200 rpm's and once configured to even remotely a "desktop replacement" (with integrated graphics) which is as follows (configured right off HP's page):

    XP Pro (and they charge you $10 more for the CD?)
    ML-40 processor (MT not available)
    1 Gig RAM on 1 chip
    100 Gig 7,200 rpm Hard Drive
    CD & DVD Burner (instead of stock CD burner DVD reader)
    You're at $1831
    - 150 Instant Rebate (limited time only)
    - 50 Mail in rebate (how annoying is that)
    = $1,613.
    So really you are shelling out $1,663 (since the mail in rebate is going to take like a year to get to you, if it ever does)
    +0 for a limited time there is FREE shipping
    + 83.20 TAX
    $1746.20 Grand Total - $50 mail in rebate.
    for an integrate graphics box.

    My ELIMINATOR configured with 100 Gig 7,200 rpm hard drive BETTER components, namely MT-40 processor, 1 Gig CAS 2.0 ultra low latency RAM, 108 G+ internal wireless and an x1600 256 video card costs:
    $1,764. How is that even comparible?
  13. when are the turion X2's being released?
  14. Most likely within a month, but we have to have 2 things.
    Ability to get them from AMD, and a chassis to put them in.
    SO far we just have a lot of promisses.
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