Windows 7 System Image Recovery Trouble

Hi guys,

I think my 1tb hard drive may have gone down earlier this week. Luckily, I had stored a system image of it through Windows 7 on my 640gb hd on the same computer. I got another 1tb hd to replace the one that seemed to go bad. I removed the old 1tb hd and replaced it with the new one. That leads me to my problem...

When I run System Image Restore from the Windows 7 installation disc, it finds the latest image that was saved on the 640gb hd. When I select that and go to the next screen it says, "The system image is on a hard disk, but Windows needs to format that disk to restore your computer. Choose a different image to restore."

Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. does it give you an option of where to restore it? or is there an "advanced" option?is the new HHD showing in the BIOS? its trying to restore it to the 640GB drive for some reason
  2. It does not give me an option of where to restore it. Makes me think that my original hd didn't go bad, but rather the port on the mb is the culprit. I'll check out the BIOS to see if the drive shows up there.
  3. The brand new 1tb drive is seen in the BIOS next to IDE Channel 0 Master. The 640gb drive is next to IDE Channel 3 Master.
  4. I did notice that in my hard drive boot up sequence section of BIOS that the 640gb hd was the first priority, then the 1tb. I switched them to see if that will make a difference.
  5. That didn't fix it.
  6. make sure it formats the new 1TB drive, not the one you stored the image on.

    Here are detailed step by step instructions with pictures:

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  7. Windows hasn't even asked me to format the new hard drive yet. Is that something I should do before performing the system image restore?
  8. And I just thought of something else...Should I install my copy of Windows 7 on the new hard drive before performing the system image recovery?
  9. Any other ideas? I'm just not sure how to get past this?
  10. After installing win7 on my new 1tb hd, I tried system image restore again through the win7 install disc. I got the same message as what I previously got...
  11. I think I've given up...

    I was able to do a system restore, not a system image restore. It got back some of my files, but not very many of them.
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