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I have looked around and seen similar questions, but not exactly the same as mine. I am sorry if I am repeating something that has been answered, but I couldn't find it.

I have installed Windows 7 with upgrade media and activated with the supplied key. Unfortunately, this computer will not last much longer, and I will be replacing soon. Is it possible for me to deactivate my product key so I can install it on my replacement, or am I just out of a lot of money?
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    Since you bought a retail copy of Windows... it's perfectly ok to migrate it to the new computer... provided you wipe it off the other computer. There is no "deactivation" required.
  2. Thank you for the reply. So this is applicable with upgrade media? I still have the XP installation stuff that I can put on the new computer and use as a base from which to upgrade.
  3. You won't need your XP media... but keep it handy just in case. I was able to do a clean install of Win 7 without having a previous version of Windows at the ready.
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  5. I did a clean install without XP with an Upgrade, even tho i have my XP key ready. I still don't understand why there is 2 exact same copy's of win7 for 2 different prices. and they both install the exact same way. its still outrageous for windows to be SO expensive especially after there vista mess ups. they should of made it cheaper as an apology for the Vista nonsense.
  6. Make sure it's not an OEM copy.

    The FULL versions come in the official-looking box and cost over $200 or more. If it's OEM then the Premium version can be found for $110 to $130 and comes in a plain box.

    So OEM is tied to that computer (mainly the motherboard) once Activated and a FULL copy has a certain number of transfers (Google for specifics. Probably says in your manual).
  7. You can re-activate you product key with an OEM version. For example if your Mobo fries, all you have to do is call Microsoft and explain what happened. They will give you a new product key to re-activate you copy.
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