Memory_management BSOD

I have a fairly decent computer.
GTX 470
I7 2600k
850W PSU
16gb Corsair vengeance RAM
Brand new SSD and HHD (120gb /w 2TB)
Windows 7 obviously
I have absolutely no clue why i would be getting memory_management issues, considering half my computer is only a year old. It occurs randomly, whether I am playing a game ( a second ago I was searching on the internet and it F***ing crashed with this).
I am going to be upgrading my graphics card soon, my drivers are up to date. What causes memory_management? should i just RMA my CPU?
EDIT: Sometimes in games, there is random tearing in the game. Not V-Sync related, like there is random glitchy textures being projected... for example in WoW.
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  1. Did you check out your RAM by removing a stick at a time, and swapping modules around in slots? Just in case you have a bad/failing stick...
  2. check your mb to see that you have all the bios patches. with the newer 6x and 7x chipset there been cpu code updates and updates for ram on a lot of mb bios. check that the ram you have been on the mb qal list. also use cpu-z and see what the mb set the ram speed up as and the voltage and timing. there a spd tab that the info tab that tells a uses and mb the rated speed the ram can run at. also use hardware monitor and watch your ps and system temps. hopfully under load your ps not dumping a lot of ac ripple into the system.
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