Acer Veriton M275 Won't Work With Windows 7

I'm really frustrated right now... I just got my bro's computer, formatted it and installed windows 7. It won't get past the windows 7 logo screen at all, so I can't get into desktop. When I try to go into repair mode it loads for a while and then just freezes. I have done safemode and can't get passed it either, it stops at CLASSPNP.sys. My computer worked fine with Windows XP and I tried to go into windows XP and then put in the windows 7 disc and install it there, no luck. I have re-installed quite a few times. Could it be that since I formatted it doesn't work because something important got removed? This computer didn't come with a DISC of any sort. I don't even know what to do anymore, I know the the computer is fine since it works with windows xp. but not with windows 7!!!

I've literally been trying to fix this for like 6 hours straight. Just woke up and still won't work. Any help is really apreciated.
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  1. Never Mind. For all of you wondering why it freezes at windows logo, try going to windows 7 recovery console (cd) and typing "bootsect /nt60 ALL" without "". worked perfewctly!
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