Pls help, re new laptop purchase

Any advice will be much apprciated. Im looking for a 15.4" widescreen laptop with the following specs for about $1850. 100gb 7200rpm, 1 gb DDR, 2Ghz
processor, wireless, gigabit networking, and DVD DL burner, and a good graphics card. Any suggestions? Also Ati Mobility X1600 or Nvidia 6800 Go .. Thnks
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  1. has some nice top of the line 15.4" models with those specs with x1600 256 MB RAM video cards that are in your budget.

    The 7,200 rpm hard drive is a big factor in the overall speed of your system. Next would be the RAM, and we use the fastest CAS 2.0 RAM. CAS latency is a big factor in the speed of the RAM, but many people ask me, "2.5, 2.0 what really is the difference in that 0.5?"

    Well, that's a good question, and for an in depth answer you can consult my notebook memory page. For the simplified answer here on the forum; "0.5" doesn't sound like much for CAS latency, but you have to take it in context to the base rating of 2 & 2.5. "0.5" of the aggressive 2.5 is 20%. Moving from CAS 2.5 to CAS 2.0 will gain you about 4-6% in overall system performance.

    The second thing is that there is more to memory speed than CAS latency. These are classified as the "timings" of the RAM module. The full timings of the Ultra Low Latency RAM I use are 2-2-2-5. Most of the "agressive" CAS 2.5 modules my high end competitors are using have timings of 2.5-4-4-8. That's a big difference. Let's look at it in terms of percentages once: 20%-50%-50%-38.5% improvements over my high end competitors. The others are using CAS 3.0 modules!

    Then you have to take into account that I use 1 Gig modules instead of (2) 512 modules to get my base 1 Gig of system memory. "What does that mean?" It means there is 2 memory slots in a notebook. Killer Notebooks makes sure you have room for expansion later.

    It costs me more, but if you think about it, if you as the consumer wants 2 gigs in the future, with me, you add another GIG. Costs you the price of 1 Gig of memory. You go with anyone else and you have to throw out your (2) 512 chips and buy (2) Gigs of memory which costs you twice as much!

    Now, do you think Michael DELL would lose one of his villia's in the South of France if he didn't save the pittance of money it would cost him to put a 1 Gig chip in his notebooks instead of (2) 512's?

    I mean, think about it. He buys zillions of memory chips every month. He can pretty much name the price he is going to pay for it, just like WalMart does on their products and the memory manufacturer would say, "Yes Massa". You don't just LOSE DELL's account as a selling agent and NOT have the CEO of your company at your door with a pitchfork and a ballance sheet statement wanting to know exactly why you killed the goose.

    So, if it isn't about the component supplier it must be about DELL, HP/Compaq/Gateway etc. They don't give a rat's behind about the end user. They don't care if you can upgrade in the future or if you get the best value, they don't care they sell 32 bit computers they KNOW are obsolete... it's all part of the plan man.

    They care about inticing you with a low price, ripping you off on upgrades, getting paid for pre-loading your computer with "time limited" software, AOL offers, 15 day McAffee anti-virus program and tons of other junk you don't need and getting your money, slapping your butt on the way out the door and saying "Go get 'em tiger".

    Don't be a pawn, Killer Notebooks is for the select few... be one of 'em!
  2. Thanks will check it out...
  3. See below.
  4. HP dv8000t. My only complaint is the only video available for the turion is the 200m chipset. This should change with the X2s working their way in at the end of the month. Look at it this way, the notebook can accomodate 2 HDs and has a full size keyboard. Its definately worth a look for a desktop replacement.
  5. Quote:
    Its definately worth a look for a desktop replacement.

    Well... I guess it depends on what type of desktop you are replacing. If it's one of those Sunday ad circular jobbies for $199, I guess so, but sure isn't going to take the place of a real desktop.

    Since the DZ8000t is an Intel box I am a little confused as to where the Turion comes in. I think you are talking about the DV8000z. You might want to consider why HP (and everyone else) is blowing out their integrated graphics notebooks at fire-sale prices.

    Then take into account the base hard drive is 4,200 rpm's and once configured to even remotely a "desktop replacement" (with integrated graphics) which is as follows:

    XP Pro (and they charge you $10 more for the CD?)
    ML-40 processor (MT not available)
    1 Gig RAM on 1 chip
    100 Gig 7,200 rpm Hard Drive
    CD & DVD Burner (instead of stock CD burner DVD reader)
    You're at $1831
    - 150 Instant Rebate (limited time only)
    - 50 Mail in rebate (how annoying is that)
    = $1,613.
    So really you are shelling out $1,663 (since the mail in rebate is going to take like a year to get to you, if it ever does)
    +0 for a limited time there is FREE shipping
    + 83.20 TAX
    $1746.20 Grand Total - $50 mail in rebate.
    for an integrate graphics box.

    My ELIMINATOR configured with BETTER components, namely MT-40 processor, 1 Gig CAS 2.0 ultra low latency RAM, and an x1600 256 video card costs:
    $1,764. How is that even comparible?
  6. The Eliminator looks good but one question, is the screen available with a Briteview type finish like the new sonys have? I,know it costs a bit more..
  7. Yes, the WXGA model has a glossy BriteView. The wSXGA+ has a CrystalShine TheatreView like the Asus and Acer Ferrari. I think with the extra resolution (with things being so small)they wanted to cut down on the glare. wSXGA is hard enough to see on a laptop IMHO.
  8. I have heard that Centrino or Core duo last longer thatn Turion in term of battery life ?
  9. Before you take anything you read or hear literally you need to keep a couple things in mind.

    1. Advertising dollars spent by company X
    2. Marketing dollars spent by company X.
    3. What was given away free the company Y to "evaluate".

    Probably easier to tell you that the CPU is the least of your worries, the rarely run anywhere near maximum capacity, and they are more than likely the same.

    The GPU is going to be a contributing factors.

    The battery is probably the biggest player. If you have a 12 cell battery and you're getting 5 hourse out of it, you probably don't care what is using the juice up. People usually only care about power consumption when there isn't enough.
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