Disabling/Installing Touch Pad on a Dell Inspirion 1505

My wife just got a Dell Inspirion 1505 and I want to disable/unistall the touchpad. There is no disable option in the BIOS or Mouse in the Control Panel. Tried to uninstall it in Device Manager and it just reinstalls itself. Called Dell Support and thet said it was not possible to disable or uninstall the touch pad. Does anyone know how to disable or uninstall this? It's an Alps touch pad. Thanks
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  1. Unless you want to take it apart and disconnect it.

    Just disable it System Device Manager.
  2. Quote:
    Unless you want to take it apart and disconnect it.

    Just disable it System Device Manager.

    This is the problem, Disabling the touch pad is not an option, you can only to an Unistall and when you Uninstall it just re-installs the next time you go into Windows. Don't want to open it up because it would probably void the warranty. Just as important, it's my wife's machine and if I open it and screw anything up, I'm dead meat. :D
  3. If you un-install it, it comes back every times MS scans for new hardware. Will not work, unless you remove the pad from the computer. Dell will void warranty if you look at wrong, even on ram upgrades.

    Dissabling does the samething, but it just ignors the device. Will not effect any other devices, and does not use any memory resources.
  4. For what ever reason Alps, the company that made the touchpad, does not provide the necessary software to disable the touch pad. I've sent Alps an e mail but don't expect a response since I don't think they sell retail. I thoght if I could find the driver, I could delete it so when Windows started up it couldn't find the dirver to re-install it but I have no idea how to find the drive since I don't know what it's called.
  5. Removing the drive will not help. All hardware has an ID built in to it. This identifies it to the OS.

    You only have 3 choices.
    1. Live with it
    2. Disable it
    3. Unplug or Remove it

    You said 3 is not an option. Pick One and Do It.
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