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I have a 6gig 5400 rpm drive that has win98 SE and a new WD 20gig 7200 rpm drive. I would like to use norton ghost to load everything from my 6gig drive to the new 20gig drive and change the drive letter on the 6gig from C: to D:. Then also change the 20gig drive letter from D: to C: and make this now the boot drive. What is the best way to do this and not cause any program/OS issues.

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  1. Ghost the 6 gig onto the 20

    then set the 20 as master and the 6 as slave, drive letters will automatically be taken care of, pri master is C: and pri slave is D (assuming 2 drives with a single partition on each)

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  2. CALV,
    Will there be any IRQ problems after the switch? If not will there be any if I pull the old hard drive or will the PNP update itself.

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  3. the lettering is handled by which slot each drive is on the cable. u shouldnt have any problems with the switch. just make sure in the bios settings u have it set to auto detect the hard drives. as far as removing a drive just remove it and let the bios and windows detect that its not there.
  4. Calv has given you the right information, I have a performance suggestion for you though since you're running two different speed hardrives, if you run the 7200rpm only instead of both, and run it as the master on your primary IDE with no slave on that cable at all, you'll see a noticable performance increase.
  5. 4ryan6,
    Great idea but I have a CD-ROM and a CD-R on the other channel. The CD-ROM is non DMA so should I put the 7200rpm HD as master with the CD-R (DMA)as slave on the primary Channel and the slow junk on the secondary?

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  6. IRQs aren't det for specific drives, but are set for drive controllers, so don't worry about this. Go with CALV's advice.

    Try your suggested config. You don't need speed on the 6GB drive anymore, and assuming you don't get burn probs, it's a good config.

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