THG Get rid of Barry Gerber

His last article was biased and skewed. Completly unresearched and badly written. Please do not allow the trust that we give you be trampled upon by this idiot. Fire him soon.
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  1. I cant believe that this article is STILL on the front page for mobility.
    Dose this mean that THG as a whole stands by this article?
  2. So there is no room for editorial comment that happens to be a different opinoin than yours Stuart?

    Dont like him, dont read what he writes. I thought it was true and fun to read.
  3. What part of his article on smart phones did you find true?
    The part where he compared the blackberry against phones that are known by all to not be smartphones to make his point seem plausable or some other part. When reading articles please try to use your brain and not just blindly accept all that is put in fromt of you.
  4. First, I know that those phones are/were marketed as smart phones. And my own "smart phone" had me just about decided, before the article btw, that I need to step up to a PDA/phone next time.

    Second, why would I need to engage my brain when the artice is so obviously intended to be just entertaining as informational?

    Third, if you feel that strongly about it, why not research and write your own article and submit it to Tom's?
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