Buying Dell Inspiron 6400 . Is it a good choice ?

Just as the topic suggests i have finally decided that i am getting the dell inspiron 6400. Now before i really do order it i would like to verify with you people as you guys/gals have been very very helpful in my previous one month research and postings on this forum. I am hoping to get a lot of response on this post as well. Here is a link to the laptop i am getting
I will use a coupon to get $100 off or mayb talk to dell customer service directly to get a better price, what do you guys think ? Also i would like to know is the following.

1)Is this laptop a good bang for the buck? I mean i am spending over $1300 i just want to make sure i am getting what i want. Here are requirements once again, please let me know if i have made a good choice or a bad one.

"In a nutshell i will be using my laptop to watch movies,listen to music,planning on playing high graphics/quality previous,current and future games, run appz like photoshop,frontpage, burn dvds and cds at high fast/speed without leeching all of my system ram and cpu usage, want to connect my laptop to my tv to watch movies (with good quality/speed) from my notebook"

2) I would like to know from people who have used or using this laptop as to whats their opinion about this product and for how much did they get their machine for ?

3)I would like to know if there is a way to get a little more discount on the laptop if possible.

4) It uses "256MB ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON® X1400 HyperMemory" is this an integrated card ? And is this good enouph card for playing moderate games?

Thx in advance i really appreciate your help
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  1. Any suggestions/opinions will help ya know :lol:
  2. Hi. It is always a tricky business buing a notebook and expect it to play games. For everything else, the specs seem ok. But from the VGA guide part 3 in toms hardware "Performance-wise, the Radeon X1600 XT is just powerful enough for current 3D games". Now the x 1400 card is obviously not as fast as the X1600XT.
    So in a nutshell, what games, what res, and can you afford to get a notebook with a bigger graphics card?
  3. Go to Killer Notebooks they offer the best money can buy and at a great price too
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