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rite... right now my friend jus gave me his laptop so i could reformat it coz hes got som virus, reformatting a laptop like reformatting a computer? and how do i get into the bios on the laptop? the laptop is an Acer TravelMate 2310, i mean like my computer's bios thingy appears at the start when i turn it on (at the start when it loads, "press DEL to enter BIOS" that stuff) but the Acer 2310 doesnt show that page, so how do i know how to get into the BIOS?
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  1. Most bios use del or F2 keys. Yo will need to hit the key within the first 10 sec, or you will be out of the post screen. As with most LT there are limited options. About the only thing you can change is the boot order.
  2. but will reformatting it b similar to reformatting a computer, or r there som big differences i should know b4 i reformat
  3. Check with Acer for the latest drivers. Will need if you do a clean install.
    Check with your friend and see if Acer had a restore CD. Other wise you may have problems getting drivers. Some of the newer LT have started using a hidden partition to store the restore/repair data. Major problem, every thing is on 1 drive, loose HD, SOL.

    Do a complete inventory of the hardware and current driver version. LT can be real picky.

    I prefer a clean install from a XP cd and not the system retore by the mfg. You don't get the extra 5 gig of useless crap.
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