motorola i870 unlocking help please

i got an i870 linc phone and want to use it on nextel network with my sim. Im looking for the software to unlock the phone and maybe some basic instructions. Phone is saying "enter special code" on the inside screen and saying subsidy code on the outside screen when i put my sim in...

any help would be greatly appreciated..

thanks james
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  1. James I am sorry that I have no help for you but I was hoping you could or would help me I have the same problem as you did you by any chance get the SPECIAL CODE if so could you please give it to me I am need of this becasue I gave the phone to my son for his 16th birthday and we are stuck with the same problem If you can help will you THANK YOU SO MUCH my email is
  2. To unlock your Motorola model mobile, codes are the best way, because it is easy and safe also,
    you can get the unlock code for your Motorola model mobile, through this site
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