AMD's CPUs Help Put The Magic In Lucasfilm's Special Effects

As Chief Technology Officer of Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic, Cliff Plumer is responsible for bringing together the people and computers behind the spectacular special effects we see on the big screen and in games. AMD CPUs power virtually every stationary and mobile graphics workstation and server at Lucasfim. Find out why in this exclusive interview.
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  1. That was a very good interview. Episode III was the best FX I've ever seen. No shots looked digital at all. Opterons are shining in special fx. It sounds like they are using HP DL585 (since they mentioned HP 9300 workstations) and that means only 8000 cores to push 150 TB across the network.
  2. It´s just amazing. AMD had the power crown for the last few years, but what will happen later with the Conroe arrival? Does it look good for SMP?
  3. well thing is this is not amd vers intel so dose Conroe or amd matters. See there useing servers. Which conroe not in that segment.
  4. It was a nice article to read, especially interesting that they use their workstations for rendering at night.

    One strange thing though: why did they photoshop the guy in front of the campus :)
  5. probably just 2 c who would notice, but ya i noticed that 2.
  6. lots of computing power there. I'd b interested to find out what OS(s) they're using these days. Used to be all IRIX and SGI. A great article.
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