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How to find passwords in regedit in win 7

i am trying to restore or replace an admin password in win7. How so i go about this?
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  1. easier to do it from control panel.
    go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts >either 'change your password' or 'remove your password'
    or go to start > in the search box, type 'remove password' > select 'create or remove your account password'
    make sure you have admin privilege.
    other than that, can't help you. discussing password protection bypassing is against the forum rules.
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    EVERYONE here at Toms should realize we do NOT / Should NOT provide ANY help with passwords. Not one word of help.

    There is no way we can know that the person asking the question is the owner of the device.

    Go to a PC service centre, prove you are the owner and get them to fix the problem
  3. And double posting two different versions to get an answer is just wrong.
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