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(This is a mirror of a post in the Motherboard and Chipsets forum, but it applies here too)

I have an Abit IS7-E on order and was wanting some suggestions as to what kind of power supply I should get to go with it. Obviously I want an ATX w/P4 12V, but what's this version 1.1 and version 1.2 stuff? I didn't know there were different versions, but at any rate, should I worry about these? Also, I have 1 HDD, 1 DVD, 1 CD-RW, floppy, Zip 250, and Geforce 2 Ultra, so I figure something around 350-400W should do it. Any help appreciated.

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  1. As far as recommending a power supply, the Fortron 350W just got a stellar review, outputting over 400W. Then there's my personal preference, then Antec True Power series. In the 400W range is a good place to start.
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