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Hello all,

I just installed windows 7. I downloaded the latest intel driver for my lan on my computer so I can access the internet. I am able to go go google but can not connect to any microsoft sites. I am getting the error 80072ee2 whenever I try to run windows update. Anybody has any ideas that can help me?
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  1. All I can think off atm is to recommend you to try different browser (don't import, let it install default) and activate windows, if it isn't already.

    Sorry but that's all I can really think about right now
  2. I've seen the microsoft answer but i disabled my firewall. I am really at a loss and this is the last step of this new build. Tried every answer from a google search I could find...
  3. did you try the auto troubleshooter on the link
  4. yes but it wouldn't work due to not being able to connect to the microsoft server. Looking deeper into the issue...I can't connect to Toms Hardware website either but was able to download Chrome...not sure if that means anything?
  5. I had a problem today with some similarities, couldn't connect a PC to Windows update. It was solved by going to Windows Update/Change Settings and choosing 'Never Check for Updates' I was then able to manually check for updates successfully, then revert to the recommended setting. Worth a try?
  6. This might be a newb question, but how do you manually search/install updates? I can access the microsoft website now but still can't get any updates.
  7. Figured it out Dodger, thanks it worked
  8. Do you have the date set right?
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