Where do I find Clock Settings

Hey Im lookin and cant find anywhere in my bios where i can find the clock settings for my memory Im running a Gigabyte GA7N-400 Pro MB, only thing I see in Bios is where to change the Bus speed of the memory, Is this common or am I missing something, Ive got Kingston Hyperx mem PC-2700 to run in sync with my Barton 2500 proc 333mhz, and this memory was listed with what id consider to be agressive timings will the mb run these timings off the bat or do I have to set them myself. Im new to all this so PPlllleeeaaaaaasssseeeeee HELP.
Thanks for any replies
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  1. Press "Ctrl+F1" in the main BIOS screen in order to reveal the "advanced" settings.

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  2. Hey thanks alot, I knew those settings had to be in there somewhere, now I can really screw stuff up, the mem was running at the settings advertised by Kingston. And now I see alot of other settings I thought should be in the bios too!!!!!!!!!!!
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