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i'm planing on buying a new computer soon
here's the specefication :

CPU : Intel Pentium IV 2.6C GHz HT 512K 800MHz Socket 478 CPU BOX
Motherboards for Intel : Asus P4P800 Deluxe Intel 865PE Motherboard (HT,FSB800,S-ATA,RAID,1394,5.1 Sound,3Com G-LAN,USB 2)
Memory : 2 * Twinmos DDR-RAM 512MB 3200 Memory
CPU Cooling : Thermaltake Spark 7 Highest Performance CPU Cooler for PIV-478
Hard Discs : Western Digital 120GB 7200 rpm 8MB Buffer ATA100 HDD
Video Cards : Leadtek Winfast Geforce FX 5900 TDH MyVIVO 256MB DDR Retail Video Card
Floppy : Samsung Black 1.44MB 3,5" Floppy Drive
CD-ROM / DVD-ROM : DVD-ROM Liteon 16/48 - Black !
CD-RW / DVD-RW : Lite-On 52/24/52 Black Retail CD-RW
Keyboards : Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard + Optical Mouse KIT
Speakers : Altec Lansing ATP 3 2.1 Speakers
Cases : Compucase-HEC Midi Tower CI-6A19 BLACK Front USB 300W Case
Cooling / Modding : Vantec Stealth 120mm fan

is a 300W PS enough for such a computer ?
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  1. Check this thread:<A HREF="http://forums.silentpcreview.com/viewtopic.php?t=3075" target="_new">
    How much will a 300w power supply run?</A>

    My guess is it will but I don't really like the look of that case anyway, maybe look for one with a better PSU? Try looking at Antec and Enermax cases.
  2. With that CPU and videocard I will never use a 300W especially not e generic... both use lots of power so I recommend atleats 350W but even then it is probably running on its max... 400W+ would make your PC more future proof.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  3. in a word, no.
    Its allways better to have extra power available than too little.

    A brand name 350W or 400W PSU is recommended.
    Antec, Enermax etc

    You have god a very good system there... why skimp and risk damaging it with a weak PSU?

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  4. You can get a high quality Fortron 350W power supply with over 400W peak output at Newegg for only $32. Better than an Antec or Enermax 350W unit, and cheaper too! So why risk using a 300W (anything) when such a good supply as this is available for so little money?

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