Laptop hunting.

Hi there,
I'm trying to find a laptop but nobody makes the one for me?

I'm looking for:

Intel Core Duo T2400 (around that)
1Gb RAM ( I can buy more RAM if nescassary)
GeForce Go 7600/7800/7900/ ATi RADEON Mobility X1600 or above
DVD+/-RW (+R Double layer)
Wi-Fi a/b/g

And any of this would be nice:
Digital/Digital Analouge Telly Tuner.
100Gb Hard Drive
Intergrated Camera/Microphone
Infra Red

And you should know I've just been through hell with an Acer so I'm reluctent to go with one.

My budget is around £1000

Anyone seen that on your travels?
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    15.4" WXGA 1280x800
    Intel CORE-DUO 2.0 GHz
    1 Gig RAM
    100 Gig 7,200 rpm SATA Hard Drive
    x1600 256 MB
    DVD/CDRW Combo Drive (upgrade to DL DVD/CD Burner $80)
    Built-in Azalia audio chip, with 3D effect & full duplex
    Built-in Stereo Speakers and Microphone
    Built in WebCam
    IrDA (Infra Red) x 1.
    10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN
    3-in-1 Card Reader

  2. UK delivery?

    UK Power lead?

    And DVD+/-RW is kinda needed.
  3. UK delivery?
    Yes, and most of the time I can "gift" it through customs.

    UK Power lead?
    Yes, no charge.

    DVD+/-RW is kinda needed.
    Got it, +80.
  4. How soon do you need your Laptop?
  5. I'm going to sell this one when I find a new one I want.

    Do you do a similar one with a 7800?
  6. I have a similar one with a 7900 GTX called the Executioner.

    More details will be on the page tonight.
  7. hmmmm, The 7900 based baerebook one is out of my price range a tad.

    But I can afford a top x1600 based one from you.

    Just one question about the memory: The 1Gb "Dual Channel" option is a single 1Gb SO-DIMM Module, don't you need 2 for dual channel?
    I'd probably go for 2Gb if I can afford it with the postage costs.
  8. Well the system has a dual channel controller, so with 2 sticks of dual channel memory it will utilize it. With one stick of memory it doesn't make any difference...
  9. X2s are due this month.
  10. Right, When I sell this laptop (I have a buyer interested atm).

    I'll be buying that Core duo x1600 laptop from you (With the following changes: 2Gb RAM, 100Gb 7200RPM HDD, DVD Rewriter).

    Everyone I've talked to thinks it's possible to gift it through customs so long as you don't send it with an invoice/recipt (Maybee with a fake birthday card, lol :lol: ), that would have to be sent seperately.

    What would postage cost to England?
  11. Yea, we have some tricks that have worked thusfar in Canada and Australia... There are some new images up of the Wakazachi with the carbon fiber skin and some front, side and back shots.

    I would recommend the DDR2-533 Low Latency RAM small DDR2 RAM blurb, over the DDR2-667.
  12. Quote:
    I would recommend the DDR2-533 Low Latency RAM small DDR2 RAM blurb, over the DDR2-667.

    Any difference in Price?

    As for the carbon fibre effect I'm only bothered if it covers the deck of the laptop (Where the keyboard sits), because that area is hard to keep clean.
  13. The CF doesn't cover the deck, only the top. It's really tough and if you go to sell it in a couple years... peel off the carbon and you'll have a scratch free perfect top!

    No extra cost for the lower latency RAM. I am trying to find 3-3-3 DDR2-533 but so far can only find it in 512 MB modules.
  14. Whose Ram are you using?
  15. I found a buyer for the current laptop, he's buying it in about a month.

    Odlly enough I'm going to end up shipping it to the US which i goung to cost £60-£70 by air.

    What's it gonna cost to ship that latop to me in the UK?
  16. $115 Global Priority, if it's anything like shipping to Australia.

    To Hardware Boss: The low latency DDR2 - 533 RAM? That's OCZ, the link is right on my DDr2 memory page, along with some sweet graphs and charts for the oooh's and ahhh's.
  17. Nice stuff that OCZ. I wonder what my Cpmpag has. :(
  18. It seems like the industry is trying to get the timings down on the DDR2 memory. If you ever see some faster stuff let me know.
  19. Will do.
  20. OCZ has PC5400. But the timing are not that low. As you know.
  21. I heard rumors of some 3-3-3 timing 533 Mhz that I would love to find, but several internet searches have brought up nothing for 1 Gig chips.
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