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I'm getting a laptop "for college" -- my dad will probably spend up to about $2000... I'm trying to find the best I can get for that, and I care about gaming. I'm not as big on gaming as most of the people in these forums, but... I guess to give you an idea of what I'm looking for, I'd like to be able to play Oblivion on medium settings and resolution at a nice frame rate. don't especially care if it's 15" or 17" either.

1) Is that possible from a big name-brand (Acer, Toshiba, IBM, Dell, etc) laptop in that price range? I'm pretty sure that's what I'm shooting for, unless someone can convince me that small websites like killernotebooks put out reliable systems with actual tech support and no weird problems or anything like that... but I'm sure the answer to that depends on who I ask

2) Also, is there some website that has tested a lot of different laptops, and has benchmark results and reviews and stuff? I've found a lot of sites but a lot of them don't test the same systems. I just want an easy way to compare a lot of options.

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  1. Out of all those big-name brands you listed Acer, Toshiba, IBM, Dell, and I will add HP, Compaq, Gateway (which I'm pretty sure is smaller than KillerNotebooks right now), Alienware, VooDoo PC, Flacon Northwest, Sony... only 1 actually makes computers.


    So reliability of the systems really isn't an issue since we are all getting the notebook chassis from the same place. I do use better components in most cases, and the reason is the same as with my tech support, and because I don't have to answer to a board of directors and a bunch of stockholders.

    As far as tech support goes... do you deal with a company that you are a nameless faceless elf that they shuffle off to tech support in India, or a smaller company that has to get the problem fixed because it actaully makes a difference if one person starts spray-painting all over L.A. that your tech support sucks.

    In a way, your notebook defines you, so only you can decide if you want to be rolled up in Mike DELL's katamari, or if you want ot be one of the select few. Are you the "Blue Dot with White lettering", the "Cow" a "VooDoo Doll", an "Alien" or is this more your style...
  2. To help you narrow the field. Look at the Turion laptops. They are the best for gaming.
  3. cool... well I know that there's a lot more to it than all the parts coming from the same place. I appreciate that it probably does matter a lot more that your customers are satisfied, too. Is there anyone or any website you can refer me to for some kind of review, or second opinion, or something, of your products and services?

    (talking to Killernotebooks)
  4. I sold some notebooks on Ebay so people could have a 3rd party feedback system that is, as you know if you use Ebay stringent as can be.

    Check out what they said
    Ebay feedback
  5. I should write my own review of the Eliminator and the Wakazachi and put it up there. Looks like a pretty cool site.
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