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How to remove an HDD password in a gateway notebook

Hi Room, I want to say thank you in advance to Tom and you gr8 folks helping each other out. Hopefully i can add possible options to problems as well.
Here`s my problem. I have a gateway notebook NV51B02h and I thought it would be good to add a HDD password at setup. That was the easy part. I then wanted to see how easy it is to remove the HDD password from setup. I know the password, of course, and went into security at F2 . HDD password was in "SET". I tried to remove the existing password and was opted to type a new password twice( to make sure the new ones matched) and just hit enter key twice. The HDD said it was now CLEAR , just like before this all started. Now , when i shutdown and boot up the same HDD Password need comes up, any ideas?
thanks folks
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    you need to type password precisely the way they were created. they're case sensitive.
    you need a password reset/recovery disk to reset/recover password.
    you also need the existing password.
    since there is no way to verify you as the legit owner of the hdd, nothing can be done.
    can't help you with password bypassing/removal. it's against forum rules.
  2. Thanks De5-roy
    I did type the hdd password exactly.
    Since I am the legit owner of my hdd , I thought about it, and I decided I will keep the hdd password. You cannot have to much protection, right?
    Thanks for the advice.
  3. Tom's Hard doesn't provide help to bypass passwords.Sorry.

    We have no way to prove you are the owner of that computer.
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