Can TomTom's Go 700 GPS Save a Marriage? Part II

In the last chapter of this exciting serial, Barry Gerber decided it was either buy a GPS or get divorced by his wife. He opted for the GPS and looked at TomTom's Go 700 GPS. He liked what he saw, but wondered how it handled downloading traffic and other information. So, what does think about the Go 700 now and did it save his marriage? Read on.
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  1. Barry:

    8) I enjoyed your detailed review and right now am going through the process of selecting a new GPS device (my first mobile GPS). The feature you mentioned at the end is now available from both TomTom and Garmin in their latest -- the TT Go 510/910 both have an option for an FM RDS receiver as does the new Garmin 2820 (coming soon).

    My problem is trying to decide between the two. The Go 910 has a 20 gig hard drive with plenty of room for mp3s or audio books vs. a much smaller roughly 2 Gig free capacity with maps loaded (vs. 11 gigs free on the Go 910) for the built in storage on the Garmin. On the other hand, based on various forum posts, the POI databases and mounting systems on Garmin are better than those on TomTom. The Garmin also has an FM transmitter allowing sound to go through a car stereo without a hard wire. Also, the experience you had with TomTom customer support scares me a bit as well.

    I'm just curious whether you have any experience with Garmin's 2xxx series units and can offer any comparisons?

  2. Hello Barry,

    I've hade a GO700 for over 6 months now and although it is often a love hate relationship, I can't imaginge driving without it....

    couple of points:-

    when the traffic warnings are displayed on the right of the screen, they relate to where in the route they are, you are at the bottom of the screen, your destination is at the top.

    so if on the white line there is a two car symbol (traffic conjestion) if you are 10 miles from destination and the icon is half way up expect to hit it in 5 miles, also there is often a black line above the icon that shows the length of the delay (with respect to distance not time(i belive.)) IE with the above example if the black line was a quater of the length of the screen that would indicate 2.5 miles of slow traffic.

    further to above the icons/warnings will strech out and move downwards as the jorney progresses, not because there has been an improvement in traffic, but simply you have passed through it!

    there have been intermittent problems for me with the bluetooth handsfree.
    I have intergrated the permanent docking kit into my car, this allows auto day/night switching and the sound to be amplified and directed through the front speakers in the car(muting the radio in the process).

    when the above works, it is great, when it has a "moment" and decides not to mute the stereo things become a little tense, especialy when the radio mutes for the phone ringing then unmutes when you answer the call Grrr.

    Having said this (with the exception of 5.42 firmware) every firmware updete improves things...

    I do agree strongly that the maps should be tweaked on a more regular basis, though i beleive there is a reporting feature for cameras in the new 910 and possibly coming soon by update... this may alow dynamic updating of at least the POI databases at least.


    PS for those that want to hide the wires and get improved performance, I do recommend the permanent docking kit, it is VERY easy to fit if your car stereo has standard ISO connectors. It simply plugs inbetween yor cars loom and your stereo and thus requires no tools or soldering!
  3. TT will have to come with a FM tunner to receive traffic data! It a very nice feature, i have it in my build navigator system of my car.
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