Win98SE vs. Win ME - Which One?

I am getting an external 160GB Firewire drive for my PC which has Win98. In order to use the Firewire (1394) card and corresponding drive, I need either Win98SE or WinME minimum.

From specs on drive, it looks like WinME can recognize the 160GB capacity as compared to Win98SE (which tops out at 137GB I think).

Most seem to favor stability of Win98SE vs WinME. Any suggestions on why shouldn't upgrade to ME as I'd rather get the full benefit of using the 160GB? I can't do XP as too much of my existing hardware and software supposedly has problems with XP.

Thanks for comments/help.
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  1. how about 2k ?

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  2. There isn't a HD limitation on the OS, it is with your BIOS.

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