Do notebooks work on both 110V and 220V?

Simple question I'm sure for anyone who travels overseas with a laptop. Can I plug my Lenovo laptop (bought last month though NewEgg in USA) into 220 volt outlets?

If I don't need a 220-to-110 transformer, is the proper plug adapter the only "extra" item needed? Will they have USA-to-Beijing plug adapters available there? Google info states there is no "standard" plug style in China.

Is a surge protector needed for laptops? Seems the AC adapter is a transformer that will protect the laptop from surge/spike damage, but does the adapter itself need protection?
Thanks for your help!
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  1. Most laptop power supplies are "switching" power supplies. They can accomodate either current, all you need is the cord that goes from the transformer to the wall, or an adapter from teh plug on your cord to the wall.

    I have a whole bunch of cords in stock here, but since you said they have no standardized plug (weird for a communist country since they have standardized everything else huh?), then you're best going with a worldwide current adapter.

    I would get a surge protector if I were you. Ideally one with a battery backup, even if it is small it will help condition the current so that it is uniform and consistant to your computer. Plus, most surge protectors come with a insurance policy if you laptop gets fried on their watch (check if that is good out of the country though.)
  2. Radio Shack has a kit for that all of the adapters, includes some for phone/modems.
  3. Thanks very much for the info, guys. Guess I'll be visiting Radio Shack.
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