Wierd Maxtor Hard Drive problem.

Recently my Main Hard drive has been lagging the whole system down. It is fine sometimes, but when I start to access files on it the whole system hangs and I cannot really access any other drives. The drive is a Maxtor 40gig 7200rpm, I have run the windows disk check and the official Powermax program from maxtor, the drive was certified error free and it does not make any noises. The drive is partitioned with 10 gigs for Windows XP and the rest is for storage and programs. I have formatted it twice and it has not helped. DMA is enabled, write verify is disabled, both 256 Ram sticks are working correctly, I took them out and tested them individually. The programs Partition which is the larger of the two on the maxtor seems to be the only one doing it.

MSI KT333 Ultra-R
1.4 T-Bird
2x256 Crucial PC2100 DDR
MAXTOR 40gig 7200RPM (Drive with problem)
WD 40gig 7200RPM
ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mg
SB Live! 5.1
TDK CDRW 52x burn
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  1. If its FAT32 and not NTFS, then that could be the problem due to the huge block sizes FAT32 uses for giant partitions.

  2. It NTFS.
  3. I am still having these problems anyone know?
  4. You said you have formatted the drive. What happened as soon as you installed the OS plus drivers ? Did it work fine ?
    Did the drive started to have problems after some driver/application installation ?
    Do a test without installing the VIA driver and let Win XP manage the system.
    Did you check in System/properties for some hw conflict ?
    Also check the CPU activity to find if when idle the CPU activity is limited to some 2 or 3 %. If you find a huge CPU activity, such as 80 or 90 %, may be you have some driver/application which hangs the system.

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