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Buying a laptop, appreciate any tips or advice.

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
June 11, 2006 7:37:40 AM

Basically i'm new to laptops. :oops:  I've built alot of desktops that have worked well, but have just started researching laptops and looking into the new hardware available :x . I am a huge gamer, so performance is a must, and i favor nVidia and AMD over intel or ATI. I would like a system that does well on today's games, is 64 bit compatible, and is going to run games like UT 2007 when they come out. As well if there are any retailers that upgrade systems for cheap when new parts are available i would like to know. I have looked at a few systems closely such as Alienware's M9700 and the XPS m1710, at the moment i am considering the m1710, partially because of the long wait for alienware to ship and the many horror stories i've read about faulty alienware systems in the last couple of days. :roll:

Some of my main questions are:
- With the new intel processors coming, i think i will hold off on buying anything with a core duo in it, however due to my love for AMD, is it really worth waiting or is it safe to buy a AMD powered system?
-I've read alot of discussion on how small the 17" 1920X1200 resolution makes fonts etc. if someone is in possession of such a system, or has pics, i wouldn't mind seeing them for myself just to get an idea of how bad it really is.
-SLI or single card? Currently i've been looking at the 7900 series and am wondering if SLI really is better then say the single card 7900GTX, and as well if anyone has any fps scores comparing the 7900GS 256(non SLI) and 7900GTX 512 i would be very gratefull as my searches have come up with nothing.

All suggestions and tips are appreciated! PS my budget is about 3000 dollars.(canadian lol)

Oh and one last concern i had is this, i had read somewhere that nVidia cards do not support HDR and AA at the same time while new ATI cards do, has nVidia fixed this or is this still a problem, not that this can't be avoided altogether with a higher resolution screen.
June 11, 2006 2:49:46 PM

My personal opinion, WUXGA in a 17" package is idiotic. I have a 24" monitor and I tried to show my girlfriend some detail on a picture on a photoshop tutorial and I actually had to use the magnifier to be big enough to see it w/o being plastered to the monitor. If you want to cut 7" off the monitor and try to see 1920 x 1200, it is probably NOT going to be an enjoyable experience for you.

A single 7900 GTX is plenty of card, it's clocked faster than a desktop 7900 GTX, there's still people who want more, and in the same token we might as well all get flame throwers to light our BBQ's. You can check out some specs at my Mobile GPU Comparison Page.

I have the Executioner, if you want to look at it. You could ge that for less than 3,000 CAD$'s Fully Loaded.

June 11, 2006 9:13:45 PM

Your systems seem pretty reasonable, however your executioner is running off intel based parts, which is one of my main withdrawals from buying a M1710, as well you supple nVidia 7900 GTX 256, not 512 which is the card i have been looking at. Your 19" assasin interests me, with the SLI configuration, however if it was a 17" with SLI and an AMD you just might have me sold lol.

Also what is the idea with DX10? i know Vista runs on DX9, but which cards will be able to take advantage of DX10 when it arrives?
June 11, 2006 9:29:22 PM

Which cards will be DX 10 still hasn't been released. I'm sure both the x1600 and 7900 GTX will be able to ahndle anything DX10 can throw at them with a simple BIOS or Driver upgrade.