My Favorite Music

Before you rant on about how this is not your favorite music, please reread the title and realize this is my opinion. You don't have to agree. Besides, I'm only posting this because I'm bored and have nothing important to post elsewhere at the moment.

Well, here it goes - My favorite songs:

1. The World Is A Thorn, by Demon Hunter
2. The Training, by Living Sacrifice
3. Consume Devour Repeat, by The Famine
4. Eternal, by War Of Ages
5. Death Of Me, by Red
6. Southtown, by P.O.D.
7. Lead Us Home, by Demon Hunter
8. Death Machine, by Living Sacrifice
9. Collapse, by War Of Ages
10. Nothing Left, by As I Lay Dying

And my favorite artists:

1. Demon Hunter
2. Living Sacrifice
3. As I Lay Dying
4. War Of Ages
5. Red

Anyway, if you listen to similar music please feel free to recommend artists or songs not listed. Also, if you're interested in any of these, just ask and I can provide you with a download link. :)
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  1. My favorite music is " Eternal " by War Of Ages
  2. Nice. Have the whole album.
  3. My favorite music is
    1) Death Of Me, by Red
    2) Nothing Left, by As I Lay Dying
    3) Eternal " by War Of Ages
    4) Nothing Left, by As I Lay Dying
  4. Wait, Nothing Left twice? Was that an accident?
  5. I think that was a spammer. There was SPAM/advertisements in their signature.
  6. Weird.
  7. It's pretty common in this section. I've had to do a lot of editing. :pfff:
  8. Well, you seem to be doing a good job! :D
  9. Thanks

    Good to see you got most of your sig back. :na:
  10. Yeah, too many people were complaining to the mods about the ip part, so I had to get rid of that.
  11. I had a feeling that might cause some concern. Other than that, I think it's pretty sweet.
  12. Thanks. I only wish the guy who made it would release the source code. But he won't.
  13. I personally like to enjoy any kind of classical music. Classical music really help me to relax my mind.
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