Palin Issues Big Threat

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  1. Is this Palins threat? Or, is it whats going to happen if the government doesnt stop?
    Shes not the only one ringing this bell
  2. I think she duz et fer teh lulZ
  3. It's funny all of the comments saying she was wrong about the history. But it turned out she was right. Who looks stupid now?
  4. No one can plug the hole. It's going down.
  5. She reminds me of Pauline Hanson ... "One Nation Party" here in Australia.

    Extreme right wing.

    Wanted to print more money ... get rid of all of the immigrants ... had several "phobias" of concern.

    Got voted out ...

    This one has the smile of someone deluded enough to think god wants her to lead the flock.

    Lady there aint no flock and god is dead.
  6. Palin is a train wreck.

    You know you should look away ... but you can't help yourself.

    The Titanic analogy is genius in its irony -- the Palin 'brand' is an incredibly sinking disaster.
  7. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Well we know who Wisecracker is afraid of.

    If she was such a train wreck the media wouldn't be paying her any attention.

    Because, she can draw attention to herself. How, she is good at it. The media crawls all over her. She is a walking headline is what she is, a gold mine.
  8. Really, who cares what the lying tilted media think, if they dont like a story, they ignore it, or put it in the
    She sounds funny, shes just too real, not polished etc etc
    Now, does she really know her neighbors?
    Does she go to the grocery store?
    In a small town, everone knows everyone, she was elected mayor
    In a "small town state", she was elected governor
    Shes interesting, she can take a hit, she doesnt lose it, ok, shes good looking
    Is the "when WE want to show WHAT we want to show" media afraid of her?
  9. ^ Questionable.

    ...but every political girl wants to be her.
  10. Well, according to liberal beliefs, she has the wrong genitals being republican, as well as her marrying a Yup'ik native american, tho mostly white.
    These simple things draw fear amongst libs and the media, as theyve spent vast resources (their time) to say that republicans are nothing but old white males
    And yes, its exspensive for ABC and NBC and CBS to show the POV, but they somehow find the time and resources to allow someone on to say it (A typical lib)
  11. What threat?

    Reynod said:

    Wanted to print more money ...

    When has she ever said she wants to print more money?

  12. Not too shabby
    I think she scares em
  13. Palin needs no help destroying herself.

    Palin today:
    “Three wars that we’re engaged in today and our country nearing bankruptcy. We have to rethink everything that we’re doing with foreign aid and with foreign intervention,” Palin said. “We have got to make sure it’s America’s interests first being met in each of these nations.”

    Palin/2008: Iraq war a 'task that is from God'
    "Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God," she said. "That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is God's plan."

    Must not be 'The Plan' anymore, huh? :D

    I like this even better ...

    Sarah Palin drew huge cheers at an airport hanger rally here when she insisted that Barack Obama's infamous comments to Joe the Plumber meant that the Democrat would initiate a socialist economic plan.

    "Senator Obama said the wants to 'spread the wealth,'" Palin said. "What that means is he wants government to take your money and dole it out however a politician sees fit."

    Point yer favorite search engine to Palin's **Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share Plan**

    Palin has no problem increasing state gas royalties 10%+ and 'sharing' the wealth, nor Alaskans receiving $1.84 in Federal tax dollars for every dollar they pay.

    I guess the 'socialist' is in the eye of the beholder :lol:
  14. you guys should of watched Bill Maher tonight. A guest on Real Time gave some examples why she would be great. I will have to scan YouTube for the clip to provide it.
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