worthy? from 2 speaker to 5.1

I want to know if it is worthy the money from using two speakers to 5.1. I currently using the two speakers from my cd player which has about 50w power total. I'm on low budget, so I decide on the Z64 and sound plaster live 5.1 which cost just about $100 at newegg. I will use mainly for games, dve, listen to music. However, I don't want to waste a hundred bucks just to hear that it sound no differents from my two cd player speakers, which in my opinion is pretty good. Any thoughts?
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  1. Get the 5.1s. I recommend you listen to some Z-640s available online for around 60 bucks. The extra spaciousness and sound localizations are an enhancement to listening you wont want to be without once experienced.

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  2. Go for it, but spend the extra $10 to bump up to at least an Audigy.
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